General issues
What does Verlos do?

The company develops IT products and services, including in the Fintech industry.

From what areas does the company profit?

Implementation of IT products: NFT, trading bot, CRM systems. Provision of services, mining.

What is the main goal of the company?

Creation of an intuitive and accessible ecosystem based on 12 areas and a variety of IT products.

How to register on the platform?

Use the functionality of the site for registration.

What should I do if I forgot access to my personal account?

You need to use the "I forgot my password" form on the authorization page. If this method does not suit you, write to the customer support service on the platform.

Failed to login to your account?

Contact the platform's customer support.

Can I register 2 or more cabinets with my personal data?

It is forbidden to register several accounts for one user in the system.

Why can my personal account be blocked?

Using more than one account.
For spreading false information about the company.

When do I need to verify my account on the platform?

When making transactions with fiat funds, verification is required.

How to get verified?

In your personal account in the profile section, fill in all the necessary information.

How long does verification take?

1 to 5 business days.

What is the minimum value of an NFT?

The minimum value of an NFT is 0.0025 BTC.

Is there a commission for buying NFTs on the platform?

Yes. The commission for buying NFTs on the platform is 1.5%. We recommend that you indicate the amount + 3% of the cost of NFT.

What are the benefits of owning a club card?

The club card owner has access to the functionality for transferring digital currency to electronic wallets. The minimum transfer amount is 0.0014 BTC.

Where can I check the status of an application?

The status of the application is displayed in the "Transaction History" tab.

What is the regulation for the transfer of digital currency of club card holders?

From the moment the application is received, the digital currency is transferred within 5 working days.
Applications for transfers are accepted on Saturdays from 00.01 to 23.59

What commission is charged for withdrawing the digital currency of club card holders?

The commission is 5% of the withdrawal amount.
Urgent withdrawal is available 2 times in 30 days.
Commission for urgent withdrawal 10% of the withdrawal amount.

What is the maximum amount available to a club card holder to transfer digital currency?

The maximum transfer amount is no more than 50% per week of the value of the purchased NFT

How many NFTs can I purchase on the platform?

From GrabCoinClub FiHunters first NFT collection on the platform, you can only purchase 1 NFT.
GrabCoinClub Artifacts collection - no more than 5 NFTs available.

How many club cards can I activate?

All club cards and NFTs are limited to 15555 units and are linked to each other in a ratio of 1 to 1. After purchasing an NFT, you can activate the club card.

What other benefits does the user get from owning a club card for the entire period?

For the entire period of ownership of the club card, the user can receive bonuses up to 300%.

When are club card bonuses accrued?

Club card bonuses are credited daily on weekends and holidays from 22.00 to 00.00 (+3UTC).

Crypto bot
What is a crypto bot?

Crypto bot is a program that contains algorithms based on artificial intelligence for trading on crypto exchanges.

What exchanges does the crypto bot trade on?

The crypto bot trades on the Binance and Bitrex exchanges.

What pairs does the crypto bot trade?

The bot trades all crypto-currency pairs that are listed on the exchange.

What is the minimum deposit the bot starts trading with?

The bot trades from 400 USDT or equivalent in another crypto currency.

How many pairs can the bot trade at the same time?

The bot can simultaneously trade an unlimited number of pairs. For one pair, you must have a minimum of 400 USDT or the equivalent of another crypto currency. The minimum amount for one pair is from 400 USDT.

How much does a crypto bot cost?

For users of the Verlos platform, the cost of the crypto bot is 1350USDT.

How can I buy a crypto bot?

You can purchase a crypto bot on the website

Can I lose my deposit with a crypto bot?

No. The bot has been tested at different time intervals both on growth and on large falls. Not a single case of loss of a deposit was recorded. The maximum possible receipt of the minimum profit per month.

Where can I get more detailed information on a crypto bot?

For more information on the crypto bot, you can contact the customer support on the site.

Why do I need CRM?

All data will be stored in one system and you will never lose it.
The system automates a large number of actions, and you do not have to do many work routines.
The system controls employees, gives them reminders, makes them work, considers their efficiency.
The entire history of the client will be saved, i.e. if a client contacted you several years ago, you know perfectly well what he contacted, what he ordered, and which manager worked with him, etc.
And besides, all calls via telephony will be saved, and will also be stored in the system. It means recording all calls.

What is the data security?

The system works on a secure cloud, https protocol, backup every 10 minutes.
Is it possible to limit the visibility of data so that employees see only what they need?
Yes, you can limit the visibility of data by sections and even by each field in the system.

How do you provide support?

For all questions, you can write to us in the chat, if necessary, we can call you, as well as drive to your office if necessary and you want to discuss improvements.

Can I install CRM in my office on a server?

No, the system is located in the cloud and stored on reliable servers, which guarantees you much greater security than on your own server, and you will have access to the system from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

How much data can I store on CRM?

~100,000 objects (?), 10GB of files (if you need more - there are various expansion options up to 1TB).

What is the difference from 1C?

1c is a system for accountants initially, but CRM is needed to organize a sales department.

Can I connect to 1C?

Yes, we are doing full integration, and the accountant will not need to interrupt the information, all sales will automatically be uploaded in 1s.

What is the difference from AMO CRM?

Amo SRM is a system made by hipsters for hipsters. This is a very beautiful system. But companies operating in the real sector very often came to us after amo, because it works according to one very simple scenario with few options.

What is the difference from Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is primarily a platform for communication between employees, and sales accounting is an additional function and has low flexibility. Therefore, most of our clients came to us from Bitrix24 after they failed to implement it.

Is it possible to connect telephony?

We support comagic, yandex, mango, voximplant, we can also connect others via api.

Can I leave my phone number on telephony?

Depends on your ISP, most support it.

How can calls be distributed?

Calls are distributed to those responsible for applications.

Is it possible to send SMS and EMAIL mailings?

Yes, you can, you can buy packages with SMS and email from us and conduct a mailing list.

How to upload my data to you in SRM?

In the desired section of the system, click the download button, select the Excel file with your data in the format corresponding to the table in this section, and click ok.

Can you come to our office?

Yes, if you need implementation, although we often implemented the system remotely.

Is it possible to implement the system if you are not in my city?

Yes, we often implement the system remotely with no less efficiency in cities far from us.

How to upload data?

In the required section of the system, click the upload button, select the required fields, click OK - the file will be uploaded in excel format.

How many users is your CRM designed for?

On average, it employs firms from 10-50 people. But sometimes people also take for very small teams, on the other hand, the system can easily pull a sales department for hundreds of people.

Legal Issues
Where can I see documents and licenses?

The information is published and posted on the Verlos website.

Where can I see the Agreement between the company and the user?

The information is published and posted on the Verlos website.

Where can I see the public offer?

The information is published and posted on the Verlos website.