The company develops and implements its own tools and services for making a profit in the DeFi segment.

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NFT is a GrabCoinClub club card. Provides exclusive rights in the community and benefits to various levels of access.
Two collections have been developed. Each collection consists of 15555 pieces of digital art and is divided into series. Each NFT is unique, has a certain set of characteristics and high liquidity.

Megalodon CRM SYSTEM

A powerful accounting system for your business helps to build the best chains of interaction and storage of information without bulky spreadsheets in Excel format.
We have collected the best key functionality of CRM systems, the product line consists of ready-made solutions for managing sales, marketing and service, we will also modify the system individually for your business needs.

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Crypto trading bot BankCoinBot

The first and main task in the development and activities of our company was the search for new technological solutions to automate the trading process. Over 2-year period we have been actively working on the development and have created an absolutely unique, innovative trading program. The development team managed to combine powerful trading algorithms, statistics and break-even data on successful trades since 2009. This allowed us to create a unique product and automate trading processes on exchanges to ensure a consistently high income.

Capabilities of a crypto bot
  1. Provides ongoing automatic operation and stable profitability in rising and falling markets
  2. Bot profitability averages from 10% per month
  3. Capable of simultaneously tracking quotes of several hundred financial assets
  4. Makes optimal decisions ultra-fast and executes trading operations instantly
Verlos Club Cards
  • By purchasing NFT, the user has the right to receive a Verlos club card as a gift.
  • The Verlos club card is activated in the personal account and opens up additional platform features to the user.
  • Each club card is distinguished by privileges and contains an automatically generated NFT token.
  • All club cards and NFT tokens are limited to 15555 units and are tied to each other in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  • You can withdraw the NFT token to your own wallet, collect or sell it in the future.
BTC club card
  • 15 episodes
  • 6 types of bonuses
  • NFT token
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Token VER
Multifunctional VER token with the possibility of farming and staking. A transparent system allows the token to grow according to a certain algorithm, which allows its owner to earn on the price difference and use it profitably for mutual settlements within the ecosystem.

The Verlos team advises its users on risks. Each user has the right to receive detailed, accessible and understandable answers to their questions related to the risk of using digital assets. Our users know that digital assets are highly speculative and have the ability to quickly and significantly decrease in value, down to zero. And also that any strategy for using digital assets is fraught with risks and is determined by factors that cannot be influenced, including by Verlos consultants.